To articulate and implement Kenya’s foreign policy in Brazil and countries of accreditation in South America.


To be a modern and world class Diplomatic Mission in the delivery of service to our stakeholders and in pursuit of Kenya’s national interests.


To pursue, advance and promote Kenya’s interests through effective diplomatic engagement in Brazil and countries of accreditation.


  • Patriotism
  • Customer Focus
  • Equity and Fairness
  • Team Spirit
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Empathy
  • Accountability and Transparency


  • Projecting Kenya’s Foreign Policy and defending her interests through Diplomatic Representation in Brazil and countries of accreditation.
  • Projecting and protecting the image of Kenya and promoting Kenyan goods and services and showcasing existing trade and investment opportunities.
  • Promotion and lobbying for Kenya’s candidatures.
  • Offering Immigration and Consular services to Kenyans living and travelling in Brazil and countries of accreditation.
  • Facilitation of State and Official visits.
  • Facilitation of travel to Kenya.
  • Marketing Kenya as the premier tourist destination.


  • The Kenyan diaspora.
  • The Government of Kenya including Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and County Governments.
  • The Governments and peoples of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.
  • Foreign missions and international organizations accredited to Brazil and the other countries of accreditation.
  • Foreign nationals based in Brazil and countries of accreditation.
  • The private sector and civil society.
  • Citizens of Kenya on short term visits to Brazil and countries of accreditation.


To the people of Kenya

  • Provision of consular services.
  • Information on business, trade and investment opportunities available in Brazil and countries of accreditation.
  • Facilitation of participation in events for the promotion of trade, investment, tourism and culture.
  • Information on employment, education and training opportunities.
  • Information on travel, visa and protocol regulations for Brazil and countries of accreditation.
  • Maintain database of Kenyan nationals residing in Brazil, countries of accreditation and other South American countries.
  • Authentication of legal documents.
  • Hosting of National Day celebrations.

To the Government of Kenya

  • Primary interface with the Government and people of Brazil and countries of accreditation.
  • Provision of information on possible areas of cooperation between Kenya and Brazil, and between Kenya and the other countries of accreditation.
  • Facilitation of state and official visits, as well as participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Promotion of Kenyan candidatures.
  • Coordinating and participating in bilateral negotiations and implementation of agreements between Kenya and Brazil and the other countries of accreditation.
  • Dissemination of accurate and timely information on socio-economic and political developments in Brazil and countries of accreditation.

To the Governments and people of Brazil and Countries of Accreditation

  • Channel of official communications between the Government of Kenya and the Governments of Brazil and the countries of accreditation.
  • Information about trade and investment opportunities in Kenya.
  • Information regarding the regulations and procedures of the Government of Kenya.
  • Authentication of legal documents.
  • Participating in national and other functions.
  • Coordination and facilitation of official appointments.

To Foreign Nationals, Foreign Missions and International Organizations Based in Brazil and Countries of Accreditation

  • Provide interface with the Government of Kenya.
  • Participate in National Day celebrations and other functions.
  • Cooperate on matters of mutual interest.
  • Information on travel, visa and protocol regulations of the Government of Kenya.
  • Information on trade and investment.
  • Provision of immigration services.
  • Coordination and facilitation of official appointments.


We are committed to providing the highest standards of service to all our stakeholders.  To uphold a high standard and quality of service, we will:

  • Treat you with respect and courtesy, maintaining confidentiality when required.
  • Identify ourselves when we speak to you.
  • Be clear and helpful in our interactions.
  • Act with care, diligence, honesty and integrity as we prepare to respond to your needs.
  • Ensure that our website is well-organized, user friendly and frequently updated.
  • Refer enquires that we cannot answer to an appropriate agency/authority.
  • Specify the extent of assistance we can offer as well as the cost (where applicable).

We are committed to responsiveness and will endeavour to:

  • Update and streamline our system of handling complaints, feedback, inquiries and requests.
  • Answer and/or return phone calls promptly.
  • Attend to customers and visitors promptly.
  • Notify you of scheduled appointments at least two days in advance.
  • Reply to your letters, faxes or emails not later than five working days from the date of receipt, or with more complex issues, our initial reply will give you an estimate of the time required for a full response along with the cost (if any).
  • To process applications for consular services within three days.
  • Promptly make payments for goods and services upon submission of accurate invoices and any other supporting documents in accordance with the Government of Kenya’s procurement rules and regulations.
  • Issue receipts of all payments.
  • Ensure accuracy and quality of our services and periodically review responsiveness in service delivery and make improvements as required.


We expect our stakeholders to:

  • Treat our staff courteously and with respect.
  • Provide accurate, timely information and documentation to facilitate prompt action.
  • Observe and respect procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Uphold professionalism and integrity.
  • Access the Mission within the official working hours.
  • Share your views and feedback to enable us evaluate and improve our service delivery.

We will:

  • Uphold professionalism and integrity.
  • Disseminate accurate, reliable and relevant information in a timely manner.
  • Provide effective and efficient service.
  • Treat our customers with courtesy and respect.
  • Provide a conducive working environment.
  • Ensure confidentiality when handling information and serving our stakeholders.


This Service Charter will be reviewed every two years or as the need arises to guarantee responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in our service delivery. The reviews will take into account new developments, lessons learned and your valued feedback.


We welcome feedback on our performance to enable us improve the quality and responsiveness of our service delivery.

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