Embassy of the Republic of Kenya Brasilia - Brazil

With Accreditation to: Argentina Chile Colombia and Venezuela

Amb. Isaac Ochieng, making a speech at the 55th Jamhuri Day Celebrations in 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Political and Diplomatic Secretary, Amb. Tom Omollo (center) with Amb. Isaac Ochieng (second right) at Embrapa Research Institute during a visit for Political Consultations and Mission Political Audit
From L to R – Dr. Chris. Kiptoo, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, former C.S. Amb. Amina Mohamed, Amb. Karau and Amb. Isaac Ochieng during the 11th Ministerial WTO conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
L-R Ambassador Isaac Ochieng and Deputy President William Ruto proceeding to Maracanã Stadium for the track and field programme on 12th August, 2016 during the Rio Olympic Games.
The Annual Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara.
A tea Plantation in Kenya
Cultural Diplomacy
Kenya World Champion Athletes

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The government of the Republic of Kenya has fully automated the issuance of visa with effect from January 1, 2021

In this regard, all passengers travelling to Kenya from countries that require visas to enter Kenya shall be required to apply and obtain e-visa before boarding an aircraft as no visas will be issued on arrival


Deadline Extension for Migration to Second Generation e-Passport


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Since independence, Kenya pursued a foreign policy based on fundamental principles of peaceful co-existence, preservation of national security, peaceful settlement of disputes, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, non-alignment, national interests and adherence to the Charters of the United Nations and the Africa Union. Kenya has now shifted its foreign policy orientation and currently the focus lies on five interlinked pillars of diplomacy namely: economic; peace; environmental; cultural and Diaspora. The foreign policy is anchored on the Kenya Vision 2030 and the second Medium Term Plan.

The economic diplomacy pillar aims to achieve robust and sustained economic transformation that will make Kenya a newly industrializing middle income country by the year 2030. The peace diplomacy pillar seeks to consolidate Kenya’s legacy in promoting peace and stability in the region. Environmental diplomacy pillar recognizes...

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Tourism remains a key sector of the economy. The country is blessed with spectacular scenery and an abundance of flora and fauna that never ceases to amaze. Europe and US have been our traditional markets in addition to new emerging markets from the East. Kenya recognizes the potential of Brazilian and Latin American markets and is eager to bring you on board.

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Kenya is ready and open for business. Over the last couple of decades Kenya has been an economic powerhouse for the East & Central African region and a significant transit hub. This is your gateway to a population of over 300 million with promising growing capacities to spend and acquire. In the recent past, post 2000 the successive governments introduced a blue paper on economic transformation known as VISION 2030,which will catapult Kenya’s economic advancement into the next millennium.

On infrastructural projects and expansion of existing ones, the Government through Private & Public Partnerships has spearheaded state of the art facilities from new ports, SGR rail lines and expansion of airports and creation of resort cities to serve the transformational agenda of VISION 2030 and open new and lucrative markets.

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