Kenya is ready and open for business. Over the last couple of decades Kenya has been an economic powerhouse for the East & Central African region and a significant transit hub. This is your gateway to a population of over 300 million with promising growing capacities to spend and acquire.

In the recent past, post 2000 the successive governments introduced a blue print on economic transformation known as VISION 2030,which will catapult Kenya’s economic advancement into the next millennium.

On infrastructural projects and expansion of existing ones, the Government through private & public partnerships has spearheaded state of the art facilities from new ports, a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and expansion of airports and creation of resort cities to serve the transformational agenda of VISION 2030 and open new and lucrative markets.

Agriculture and Industrialization have received new impetus from the creation of the devolved system of government which has brought amenities and services to the citizens. This has permitted cottage industries to mushroom and secure employment and new markets in the counties. In addition, time lines to establish a company and secure permits to set up a business in Kenya have been reduced and streamlined to ensure it retains it attractiveness as a great choice to set up shop. On technological innovation Kenya stands tall with renowned education expertise.

The Kenyan economy is vibrant and in 2014 has secured Foreign Direct Investment amounting to circa Kshs. 88 Billion. To introduce you to Kenya we have Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and specialized government agencies such as Kenya Investment Authority. The Embassy is open to discuss your ventures further.

Come and do business with us!


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