Tourism remains a key sector of the economy. The country is blessed with spectacular scenery and an abundance of flora and fauna that never ceases to amaze. Europe and USA have been our traditional markets in addition to new emerging markets from the East. Kenya recognizes the potential of Brazilian and Latin American markets and is eager to bring you on board.

Indeed, Kenya has hosted visitors from all corners of the globe from monarchs, to movie stars, to regular holiday goers for many generations. Kenya has something special to offer every visitor. Be it for leisure, culture, beach & sun, savannah safari, mountaineering and much, much more….Come & Discover.

On heritage and longevity the Government has endeavored to place Kenya firmly on the conservational lists and has signed up to protect endangered species.

To bolster the sector, the Government has established specialized agencies such as Kenya Tourism Board and Kenya Tourism Development Corporation.The private sector has also invested heavily  in the  service industry. In the same vein new touristic routes and attractions are being unveiled and there is room for diversified investment here.

Visit and rest assured you will Discover, Explore and Experience an unforgettable SAFARI of a life time.

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