It  is  my  honour  and  privilege  to  present  to  our  clients  and stakeholders this Service Charter which spells out the mandate, core functions, vision and mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Brasilia, Brazil.

The Service Charter outlines the Mission’s commitment to quality, efficient  and  effective  service  delivery  while  providing  an overview  of  our  operations  and  at  the  same  time  enhancing awareness on the services offered by the Embassy. This Embassy is consistent with the National Strategic Plan as envisaged and is in conformity with  both  Kenya’s Foreign Policy and The Vision 2030.

As we strive to expand and strengthen diplomatic relations with the Federative Republic  of  Brazil  and  in  the  greater  Latin  America  region,  the  Service  Charter outlines  the  Embassy’s  commitment  to  offer  services  based  on  transparency, accountability  and  integrity,  while  seeking  an  opportunity  to  measure  our performance.

Lastly, through the Service Charter we have provided our contacts and encourage feedback from our clients and stakeholders to enable us further improve on service delivery as we target to achieve world class services.

We thank you all for being part of this process and your continued support beyond 2018.

Amb. Isaac Ochieng


  1.  Preamble

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Brazil was opened in October 2006 as Kenya´s first diplomatic Mission in whole of Latin America. The Embassy, which has accreditation to Chile, Argentina and Venezuela, has witnessed the opening up of new opportunities in Kenya – Brazil relations, which culminated with an exchange of high level visits with the former President of the Federative Republic of Brazil visiting Kenya in July, 2010 and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kenya visiting Brazil in  September,  2010.  The two countries have  had  a  successful  Joint Commission for Cooperation which has laid down the framework of cooperation between both countries, as shown by the exchange of technical visits by the public and private sectors of both countries.

Kenya is pursuing a long term developmental strategy, the Vision 2030, which aims at transforming the country into a newly industrialized and or a middle-income country by the year 2030. Kenya has lots of business and investment opportunities and the Embassy is always ready to provide relevant information to prospective partners, investors and business people.

  1. Our Mandate

Articulate and implement’s Kenya’s Foreign Policy in the Federative Republic of Brazil and the accredited countries.

  1. Our Mission Statement

To be a modern and world class Diplomatic Mission

  1. Our Vision

To pursue, advance and promote Kenya’s interests through effective diplomatic engagement.

  1. Our Objectives

The objectives of the Mission are to:-

  • Promote peace and security,
  • Promote economic cooperation, international trade and investment,
  • Promote and safeguard Kenya’s interest
  • Enhance Diaspora engagement and consular services
  • Enhance Mission’s institutional capacity
  1. Our Core Values

The core values that guide the discharge of our duties and responsibilities include:-

  • Patriotism: Our Staff shall exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the

Republic of Kenya at all times

  • Customer Focus: We shall treat our stakeholders with courtesy, respect and


  • Professionalism: Our staff shall exercise high level of professional competence

and confidentiality in all their work

  • Equity and Fairness: We shall promote justice, impartiality and diversity in all our


  • Team Spirit: We shall promote team work to enhance service delivery and

inculcate shared and collective responsibility in all their work

  • Ethics and Integrity:  We will embrace transparency and accountability in all

operations of the Mission

  1. Our Core Functions
  • Diplomatic representation,
  • To strengthen the existing diplomatic relations with the Federative Republic

of Brazil,

  • Articulate  and  implement  Kenya’s  Foreign  Policy  in  the  country  of


  • Provision of consular services,
  • Enhance economic and commercial relations,
  • Create awareness on trade and investment opportunities in Kenya
  • Dissemination of information regarding Kenya
  • Market Kenya as the best tourism destination.
  1. Clients and Stakeholders
  • The Government and the people of Kenya
  • The Government and the people of the  Federative Republic  of Brazil and accredited countries
  • The  Kenyan  Diaspora  in  Federative  Republic  of  Brazil  and  accredited countries
  • Foreign  Missions  and  International  Organizations  accredited  to  the Federative Republic of Brazil
  • The private sector in the Federative Republic of Brazil
  1. Our Services

The Mission provides the following services:-

9.1 To the Government and the People of Kenya

  • Interface with the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Provide information on trade and investment opportunities and partnerships
  • Linkage with the diplomatic community in the Federative Republic of Brazil,
  • Facilitate  and  coordinate  bilateral  negotiations  and  implementation  of agreements
  • Advise and facilitate participation in trade mission and exhibitions
  • Initiate  contacts  with  institutions  and  investors  for  partnerships  and cooperation
  • Lobby for international jobs for Kenyans in international organizations
  • Provide information and advice on security and travel to Kenyans living in countries of accreditation
  • Provision of consular services

9.2 To the Host Government

  • Liaison between the Government of Kenya and all its agencies
  • Facilitate, negotiate and implement bilateral agreements
  • Dissemination of information on Kenya and correspondence from Kenya
  • Coordinate and facilitate official appointments and visits
  • Facilitate trade, investment and tourism missions to Kenya

9.3 To the Kenyan Diaspora

  • Maintain contact with the Diaspora in countries of accreditation
  • Maintain register for the Diaspora in countries of accreditation
  • Disseminate information on Government policies
  • Advise on jobs and investment opportunities in Kenya
  • Liaise with the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil on all issues of concern

9.4 To the Missions and International Organizations

  • Liaison services between them and Government of Kenya and all its agencies
  • Dissemination of information on Kenya and correspondence from Kenya
  • Coordinate and facilitate official appointments and visits
  • Facilitate participation in international conferences in Kenya

9.5 Consular Services

  • Processing and issuance of visas. Application of visa is now done online.
  • Facilitate processing and issuance of passports and other travel documents
  • Facilitate processing and issuance of birth certificates
  • Repatriation of and assistance to Kenyans in distress
  • Advise and provide information on security and immigration matters
  1. Standard and quality of service

We are committed to offering high quality service. The Embassy staff:-

  • Will be warm and cordial during interactions
  • Will serve you diligently and with utmost integrity
  • Provide a conducive working and service environment for all
  1.  Responsiveness

We shall endeavour to:-

  • Attend to visitors on arrival
  • Deal with all enquiries effectively and timely
  • Answer or return all phone calls promptly and courteously
  • Reply to letter, faxes and e-mails within three working days
  1. Official working hours
  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00am – 4:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00am – 3:00 pm
  • We are closed on all Kenyan and Brazilian National Days and public holidays.
  1. Improvement of services

We endeavour to:-

  • Continuously monitor and improve quality of service delivery,
  • Upgrade our services in accordance to modern technological advancement


  1.  Customer Rights and Obligations
  • Accurate and timely information
  • Quality and courteous service
  • Constructive criticism and engagement
  • Access to officers within the official working hours
  1. Feedback and contacts

As  we  strive  to  serve  you  better,  we  appreciate  feedback  on  our  performance through the contacts listed below:-

Physical Address

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya,

Brasilia, Brazil.

Shis QL 10, Conjunto 08, Casa 08,

Lago-Sul, Brasilia-DF

Cep: 71630-085, BRASIL


+55 61 3364-0978




Tel:+ 55 61 3364-0691 / 3364-1141

Review of Charter

The Mission Service Charter will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is in line  with  new  developments  to  accommodate  new  ideas,  lesson  and  challenges learnt from implementation of the current one.

  1. Time guidelines on Service Delivery
Emergency consular serviceImmediatelyCase by case
Response to headquartersWithin deadlineAs set by regulations
Response to letters, e-mails and other written correspondenceWithin 3 working daysUpon receipt of mail
Answering to telephone callsWithin 5 seconds of ringingDuring official working hours
Response to complaintsWithin 48 hoursFrom time of receipt
Acknowledgement of receipt of letters and other correspondenceWithin 5 daysFrom time of receipt
Thank You lettersWithin 3 daysFrom time of service rendered
InvitationsAt least 2 weeks in advanceBefore the date of the actual event/function
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