Birth Certificates – Children Born Abroad

Dual Citizens are required to declare dual citizenship prior to submitting an application for a certificate of birth or provide proof of having done so.

Requirements to Apply for a Birth Certificate when Born Abroad
1 Dully filled application form and a copy (Link to form)

2 Two copies of child’s Brazilian Certificate of Birth or foreign birth certificate certified and stamped by a Notary/Solicitor or Commissioner for oaths

3Two copies of child’s foreign passport certified by a Notary or Commissioner for oaths.

4 Two copies of parents’ marriage certificate (where applicable)

5Two copies of both parents Kenya passports, 2nd generation ID, Birth certificates. If one parent is non-Kenyan- two certified copies of foreign passport and birth certificate.

6Residence permit/ proof of having regained and or declared Kenya citizenship for dual citizens

7 Two copies of Child/ Parents Brazilian residence permit / Naturalization certificate/ Proof of regaining Kenya citizenship and declaration of Dual citizenship.

8 Payment of R$ 200 to the Embassy’s account below:

Embaixada da República do Quênia
Itaú Unibanco S.A
Agência: 7011
Account: 18471.5

A bank slip (Comprovante) should be submitted in person during the Mobile Consular Services exercise.

9 A Pre-paid self-addressed return SEDEX envelope. The envelope should have sufficient return postage.

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