Diaspora Diplomacy

The Government of the Republic of Kenya recognizes the contribution and potential of the Diaspora towards realization of Kenya’s development agenda. This is articulated in our country’s blue print, Vision 2030 and the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. In recognition of their importance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs incorporated Diaspora as one of the five (5) pillars Kenya’s Foreign policy. The Diaspora diplomacy pillar places great importance in harnessing the diverse skills, expertise and potential of Kenyans living abroad, and facilitating their integration into the national development agenda.

The objectives of this pillar are to provide effective and responsive consular services, facilitate Kenyans abroad to participate in national development, promote the access by Kenyans to the international labour market, utilize outstanding Kenyans, and tap into the skills and resources of the Kenyans Abroad for national development and democratic processes. Originating from the Diaspora Diplomacy Pillar, the Ministry has further developed and launched the Diaspora Policy to outline and guide the governments’ engagement with the Diaspora.

The Kenya Embassy in Brasilia attends to all matters of the Diaspora including facilitating the provision of the following Consular services to Kenyans in the South American region;

 Replacement/renewal of Passports
 Issuance of Emergency Travel documents to Kenyans
 Registration of new births of Kenyan children born abroad, and facilitate acquisition of Kenya Birth certificates
 Registration of deaths occurring in South America
 Certification of Birth Certificates
 Certification of Marriage Certificates
 Certification of Education documents issued by Kenyan recognized institutions
 Certification of Certified Kenyan Trade documents to be used in the broader South America
 Facilitate acquisition of Certificate of Good Conduct

In addition, the Embassy certifies the aforementioned documents issued in Kenya to be used in South America eg. Education certificates, Trade Documents, Affidavits, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and other such documentation.

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya continues to register Kenyans in its countries of accreditation, and encourages further engagement on cross cutting issues.

The Embassy is committed to networking with the Diaspora for better understanding of the region, and for the mutual benefit of all our countries of accreditation.

The Embassy officials are at the service of the Diaspora for mutual benefit, in line with the Diaspora policy

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